Lazin’ out…

Is the best part of being retired. And it is fucking awesome.
All those deadlines and urgencies and pressures have melted away. I can do anything I want to do, or nothing. My choice.
The life I always dreamt of is here. And it is sooooo nice.
I just need my man with me. Janan will take my life to the next level. We will have such fun as we are so good together. And I love planning trips. We’re planning our long-term travel in Sunshine Daydream to California and to the west in general. A life-long dream.

Calypso and Sunshine Daydream

Seychelles it is!

March 17th was when we were last together. Six looooong months ago.

No joke, it is super hard being apart. Video chats are cool and all but between internet issues there and the 9 hour time difference, it becomes so challenging.

We’re thrilled that we found yet another place that we can go… the Seychelles. It’s off the east coast of Africa, above the island of Madagascar, in the freakin middle of nowhere in the Indian Ocean. With crystal clear water and giant boulders. How romantic!

Oh and it is south of the Equator!!! My first time, his too. Exciting.

We’re renting three homes bringing our own food. They say it is super expensive there so we will cook our own food. We did in Azerbaijan and Turkey and it worked great, especially since J loves my food. 🥰 We’re renting a car so that we can explore our island of Mahé and go to all of the beaches. We’re psyched.

It’s also our Official Honeymoon, and my birthday. It’s gonna be so special. 😜

ITIN and NVC approval

And Happy Times continue for us! My sweet husband has received his Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), that he will use until he gets a Social Security Card after he gets to the US.

And even more Happy! The National Visa Center has approved our case in record time – less than one week. Now we wait for the letter indicating his interview at the US Embassy. We don’t know how long we will wait now. I pray that he arrives in 2023. I’d love him here for the holidays. At least our case is moving along.

We love this pic and this moment in Fetihye, Turkey. We love to laugh and we laugh a lot. We were returning from the large Tuesday market when this dude photo bombed us. We laughed so hard. Happy times.