Meet My Husband

In February 2020, I received a heart on an online website.
I was there looking for someone to practice my Portuguese.

The photo showed the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

He looked like Jesus.
Even though he was younger than me, and from Pakistan,
his kind eyes and long hair made my heart swoon.
I replied to his heart.
And our lives completely changed for forever.


Above are the first pics I received. He looks like this now…

Janan really is a perfect life partner for me, and me for him. Perfect.

Between Covid, and Pakistanis not being able to travel to most non-Asian countries, we finally were able to meet in Dubai, on our way to the Maldives.
The Maldives!!!! What a beautiful place! The water is spectacularly blue and clear. The resort was fancy and who knew dressing for dinner would be such fun! We got many compliments. It was so romantic.
We really enjoyed each other in the Maldives, and decided to go home and get our documents together to marry, in Turkey. We want to be together for forever.

Our 2nd trip was to Azerbaijan; then Turkey for the marry!
No, I never had it in my bucket list to go to Azerbaijan. I didn’t really even know where it was. But it was one of the few places a Pakistani could go, and I wanted to be sure that I was compatible with this man before we got married. You cannot know over a video chat, we had to spend time together.
In pure Muslim style mind you. My first kiss on the lips was on my marriage day! 😮
But I wanted to be sure that we really were as good a fit as we perceived. So we spent a month together in Azerbaijan. We fit! It was an excellent time.
Then on to Turkey to marry!

IMG_8796 (1)

Marrying in Ankara, Turkey was such a happy and beautiful day for both of us, the best day in our lives. We are so committed to each other and to our love and to having a fantastic marriage! But it has not been easy. It was tough then and it is tough now. It is taking such a long time for our documents to be approved to finally be together in the USA. Our wedding day was the first step in getting to be together for forever.

While all of my friends know of our marriage, we have to keep quiet in Pakistan. It’s just not safe for him or his immediate family. Why? I’m not Muslim, I’m White, and an “English girl”. That brings shame to his extended elder family. WTFF?!?

Luckily his Mom really LOVES me. And I really love her. Adai is what he calls her, which means Mom. We video chat occasionally and know enough of each other’s language to make it work. Plus of course Janan is there to translate.

Our relationship would not be if Mom did not approve of me. But she understands.

She as well had a “Love Marriage” with Janan’s father, a rarity in Pakistan where Arranged Marriages rule. His Mom and Dad truly loved each other. They were only kind to each other. Sadly, he passed young.

I hope he loves me too.


Our time in Turkey was fantastic because we could marry! but it was not my honeymoon for sure. Turkey in general is dirty and junky but our time together was beautiful. I like the beach scene so we spent lots of time near the beach. Water was coldish and rarely did we find sand. Instead small pebbles which were sometimes hard to walk on, cuz the pebbles get in your sandals…. ouch. Turkey is not a place that I would return.

Onto Trip #3! Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai. 7 weeks.

Singapore is really nice and clean and has tons of green spaces. Parks everywhere. The Sands Marina has a ship on top of 3 buildings – wild! It has a crazy cool Botanic Garden which we loved. It is quite expensive for lodging however. A room the size of a shoebox was $150/nite. But organized and super modern. We loved it.

Then onto Malaysia! We spent time at a resort off the coast of Langkawi, off the west coast of Malaysia. Then onto the city of Kuala Lumpur. Then off to Cameron Highlands in the mountains to look at tea plantations. Then back to the beach on the 32nd floor in Penang. Malaysia was nice. Clean. Friendly. I would return.
The best part however, is just spending so much time together with my sweet Janan.
The whole purpose of these trips is to spend time together. We enjoy each other’s company so much and get along really well. I always wished for this. I prayed for this.
And I give great thanks that someone heard me. 🙏
We just cannot wait until we can be together living in the US for always and forever.🥰

Thailand! It was fun! We did the beach scene in Phuket then onto Krabi. Last stop was Bangkok. We love walking the streets, looking at all of the stuff, especially in the evenings. We even did a floating market. The hawkers were a little aggressive but it was an experience. Rode the Bangkok Transit System and loved going to the big weekend outdoor markets. But I loved my man the best.❤️

Why hey Dubai. Again we meet. Some serious big money here. Burj Khalifa is half a mile tall!!! We had a great view of the city from our hotel room floor to ceiling windows. It’s nice here but expensive. I would return again tho.

Sadly, it marked the end of our Trip#3.

Back home again, to continue waiting until we can be together for forever.❤️
Or Trip #4…