pre Nursery

College then van life

From Athens, Ohio to Syracuse, NY. Time in Key West. Then living on the streets of Miami in a black van named Pink Lady. Then to California! Caymans, Jamaica and Cozumel too.


Hopewell Valley Central High School

Ohio University – Interior Design
Syracuse University – Architecture

Mercer County Comm College – Horticulture

Delaware Valley College – Horticulture

Somerset County Tech College – Graphic Arts

plus tons of Adult Ed classes in NJ and FL

What am i trained in?

Versed in most Office products.

Versed in many Adobe products.

QuickBooks savvy.

I hold a plethora of knowledge on plants and plant propagation.

Spanish semi-fluent. I can hold my own.

Since 2017 I have been teaching myself Portuguese. Boa sorte!

A pretty decent vegan chef.

Able to make a basket out of pine needles. Word.

Coral Princess

Bob Soto Diving

A 30 foot glass bottom boat in Key West Florida, where I was the first mate. Well, the only mate. Just me and Don Lange, a coke chugging, cig fuming crazy captain. I bought him sandwiches to help calm his blood sugars down. We went out to the reef twice a day, carrying up to 30 passengers. Once at the reef I would raise the seats to show the glass underneath. I’d tell the life stories of the fish they were seeing, and then they would look at each other and decide to eat them at dinner. So gross. I stopped eating fish at this time.

Bob Soto Diving is a neat dive company in Grand Cayman, BWI. My friend Stan Lupkes moved there and I went to visit for some months, and clocked over 100 dives in the most beautiful water that I have ever seen. Clear visibility at 100 ft. Such a fabulous experience. Miss our fun times together, Stan.