Cross Country Nurseries

So many plants.

A deep love of plants made me do it.
And also so I wouldn’t have to deal with people. Truth.

Early on

With raw land and a trim saw, I cleared six acres of land and began growing perennials in cold frames.

Perennials, Ferns & Ornamental Grasses

My business grew from one to eight greenhouses for overwintering plants, offering 750 varieties of flowering perennials, ornamental grasses and ferns. We sold to landscapers and later to homeowners too.


The biz changed from ornamentals to vegetables, namely peppers. It also began its online presence,, shipping 101 live plant pepper varieties throughout the USA. This turned into 500 varieties of peppers, 200 tomatoes, 75 eggplants. We also grew 125 basils, 12 tomatillos and 6 cilantro for local sales.
A ridiculous amount of plants.


The biz and entire estate was sold in 2021. I’m thrilled that the business continues to thrive, and I wish it many successful years and moments. While I truly love it, and am so proud of what was created, I grew tired of running it. The plants are great, the people not so much.