Happy. Happy. Today.

It’s our 14 month wedding anniversary! We love celebrating every month.

And today we received notification from the National Visa Center (NVC), that they have received and created a case for Janan’s application. Woohoo! One step further.

Thank Fuck.
Now we pay [done] and submit even more documentation. We hope to get it submitted this week, then they should review within a month, and thennnn make an appointment for the Interview.

Gosh, we are soooo excited.
Happy Anniversary, love. I hope that I can tell you in person so very soon. ❤️

Believing in Life as if the little things mattered

It’s the rainy season in Florida now, which means that often we will get a downpour in the late afternoon. It gets cloudy and maybe you’ll hear the roaring thunder approaching. The thunder is so loud and low here. Then it pours. The skies open and buckets fall. Then it brightens, but wait we’re still raining? It’s cooler now too, what a lovely freshen up.


Freakin’ rah! USCIS approved our Request for Spousal Visa!!!! We have waited over a year for this approval. Now our files will be transferred to the National Visa Center, where we will fill out more files and provide docs. We are hoping that Janan will be here in 2023. We have no idea really. We are awaiting our “Welcome Letter”.
We are so happy to be here.🥰

Room with a View

Above is the view that I have as I take a shower. What a crazy beautiful view!!! The glass shower doors look out the bathroom window into the back yard, chock-full of plants. Promised Land is just so spectacular and I am so incredibly happy to be living here. This place is jam-packed with 100s of plants, prolly 1000s. I feel so blessed to have found – it was on the market for a loooong time. I guess waiting just for me. What a lucky girl. Let alone that it has doubled in value since purchase in 2014. Once Janan gets here we will start a little nursery of large, full-sized bromeliads. It will be awesome to share this beauty. Love you Promised Land ❤️

To laugh en Español

It’s been a bit stressful these past days as I continue to gather documents and proof of our bona-fide relationship and marriage for the ‘Request for Evidence’ from the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service, USCIS. My sweet husband noticed the stress. Today he decided to play games with me, where he looks something up in English and has me translate it into Spanish. We’ve played this game before, and it ends up with lots of giggles and eye rolling and arguing over tenses and words and…. just a real amusing time. It totally took my mind off of the seriousness of our USCIS case. And he did this on purpose, to make me laugh. I love how this guy cares about me, and constantly validates his love. 🥰

Tomorrow he says we are moving on to Portuguese. 😮

This pic is when we where on an island off the coast of Fetihye Turkey. The water was blue and cold and we were together rolling in the waves. Just lovely.

Rachael Sue Traub

Yes, that’s us with a cow’s ass at the Hunterdon County Fair. We cracked ourselves up!

Pun intended.

Today is Rachael’s birthday. Happy Birthday beautiful HL.

Rachael checked out of this world on June 14th, 2015. She was scoping out a catering gig that she was working, stated she wasn’t going to work in the basement, started climbing the stairs and then died. Pretty much like that. Dead.😭

I really miss my best friend. We spent so much time together, like in my van in Coconut Grove and then throughout the country, and then the world. A true best friend. The best I’ve ever had. I love you and miss you Rachie.❤️

USCIS needs more evidence

Janan and I submitted our Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative on July 26, 2022.

After waiting eleven months we received a notice from USCIS. They want more evidence.

Even though we sent in 60 pages of proof, they need more.

It’s probably the age thing. It does look weird I guess. But it is not weird for us.

I realize that I should have put it into logical and chronological order, labeling each and every photograph, showing matching passports, matching boarding passes, hotel receipts in both of our names, etc. We also need affidavits from people who know of the relationship. Offering proof of our bona fide marriage and relationship. I wish that I had been advised to do this earlier as I gladly would have. So I am working on all of that now. My pdf is up to 111 pages.

It’s kinda fun putting it together, I’m good at this stuff and it is bringing back beautiful memories as I sort through our pictures. Man, we have good times together.

I cannot live without Janan. He cannot live without me. We both know this.

And we are fighting for our life here.