Mangoes! and Mangoes!

This year has given me a bumper crop of mangoes. One of my four mango trees is HUGE and is simply loaded this year, the first year that I have seen it so productive. The best is the smaller round one, no clue of a name. The longer one is beautifully colored and shaped, but the pulp is more rubbery. Maybe better for a cube that needs to hold its shape. Janan’s favorite fruit is mango, so he is gonna just love it here.

The first pic is one day’s pickup, those that had already fallen to the ground.

The longer variety has such a gorgeous color!

46 years ago today

I stopped eating all meat.
Mom thought that it was a phase, but I disliked eating meat my entire life. Meals preferred were those with undistinguishable body parts, like hamburgers and American cheese sandwiches. Or cream cheese with green olive slices. I could not handle any slabs of meat, nor can I today. Vegetables were always my favorites except green peas. Not sure why. Love them now.
Here I am at the age I became vegetarian.

Smokin’ a cigarette, skinny as a green bean. Looking cool in my felt hat. Such a badass.

2 years ago today

On July 1st, 2021, I left the home that i helped build for my dear Mother, and that my Dad lived in until his passing in 2018. WoodMere. This home was simply magnificent. 5000 square feet of living with a 3000 square foot basement, partial of which was used for starting seeds for Cross Country Nurseries in January. It continues being used for that purpose by the new nursery owners. May it carry on to be as wonderful and giving home to them as it was to my family and me. The life I made here is something that I am truly proud of.

Under the Sea

I miss scuba diving. It is so cool seeing all of the creatures in the ocean, in the own villages, their own neighborhoods. This shot was the last time I went diving, with my best friend Rachael Traub, in Ambergris Key, Belize. We enjoyed so many fun times together.
Rachael died suddenly 8 years ago. I miss you so much, HL.❤️

Lana del Rey

This was reviewed as a disastrous performance on Saturday Night Live.

I absolutely loved it. Still do. LOVE it.

I was watching that night, kinda barely, until she came on. With her long nails and apricot blush colored lace gown, her hands and body twirling in the stream of radiating white lights. Her range is amazing, from husky and childlike to high and trill. The red hair was perfection. I was captivated.

My favorite SNL performer ever.

One year ago today

Was the happiest day in my life. I married my best friend. And a really sweet man.

No, we weren’t praying or anything, the photographer just caught us blinking.

I should frame this one and put it on the wall. That would be funny to see daily.

We look happy. I like how my crown shines. I like his smile.

We’re still waiting for Janan to be able to come and live in the US, but in the meanwhile we are planning our next trip. UK or Seychelles???